Tax Preparation Services in San Jose Area

Choosing a Tax Accountant/CPA is an important decision because the returns they prepare are signed by you so you require someone with the training and experience to do the job right.  Also, to prepare these returns you provide the personal and financial information of your family and/or company. Therefore, you want a company that respects the confidentiality of this information and will use it only to plan and execute the legal minimization of your taxes. 

Eggers & Eggers of Silicon Valley started in the former orchards of Silicon Valley providing professional services for clients in the Bay Area. Our growth has been fueled by competitive advantages in Tax Planning & Preparation, Audit & Tax Collection Representation, and Startup Business Consulting for people like you.

We provide individual and business tax return preparation services for people that we admire and respect for their commitment to the excellence of their individual work and that of their companies.  We hold ourselves to that same high standard.

Tax Return Preparation Services in San Jose South Bay

Eggers & Eggers of Silicon Valley is committed to the legal minimization of all taxes for its clients.  Consistent with this mission is the avoidance of interest and penalties by federal and/or state taxing agencies. Warren Buffett said that you don’t know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out.  He was referring to the amount of debt that banks carried on their balance sheets when the great recession hit in 2008.  But risk is also inherent with incompetent or fraudulent tax return preparers but isn’t recognized until the tide goes out and an audit exposes it.

James Eggers previously worked as an IRS auditor in the Small Business and Self-Employed Division in San Francisco.  He has seen hundreds of tax returns of businesses in the Bay Area: corporations, S-corporations, LLCs, partnerships, LLPs and sole-proprietorships.  This invaluable experience coupled with graduate work in taxation makes him uniquely qualified to prepare tax returns for businesses and their owners.  And should a client receive notice of an IRS audit, there are few better at audit representation.

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